TICKET SALES 2023: We are excited to announce that we will be selling tickets online through the platform Event Groove. Ticket sales begin at midnight on March 1st, and end on March 31st at 11:59pm! Ticket sales benefit Four Valleys Community School.

April 2020 Winner! Congratulations to Kalie Harrison who was the only person to correctly guess the amount of snow at our Snow Stake at the 1096 level on Mt. Alyeska! She will take home $1240 in winnings.

4/19/2020 Measurement: The reading of the Alyeska Snow Stake was 3.80! This year’s reading is 1 foot plus over last year’s reading of 2.68! A cold spring combined with a good snow pack mid- mountain means the snow hasn’t reduced too much until only very recently. Thank you to Reid B and Eric T who where our official stake readers this year, and to Alyeska Resort for working with us to make sure we could access the snow stake to take the official measurement on the planned day despite Alyeska being shut down due to COVID. We will be going through all the tickets soon to determine winner(s)! Thank you to all who sold tickets, bought tickets, and made your best guess. We hope you win!

4/21/2019 Measurement:

The measurement at our snow stake on Mt. Alyeska was taken April 21st.

The measurement was 2.68 ft (two feet, six tenths, eight hundredths).  

2019 Winner:

This year, the pot was the largest in six years and there were two exact guesses: The Snow Classic Committee found Diana S. of Girdwood and Piper Jo B. of Kenai the lucky winners. FVCS split the $3,760 pot with the winners, who each received $940.

Thank you to all who submitted Alyeska Snow Classic guesses and for supporting Four Valleys Community School!

Our 2018 WINNER!  Congratulations to Christi D who correctly guessed the measurement of snow on Mt. Alyeska on April 22nd! Her guess of 2.76 feet was the only correct guess this year. She will take home a check of $1616.00. Thank you for supporting Four Valley Community School via the Alyeska Snow Classic. We can’t wait for next year!Girdwood Locals Explain the Alyeska Snow Classic