About the Alyeska Snow Classic

The Alyeska Snow Classic was an idea inspired by Julie Pederson, Girdwood resident. She allowed Four Valley Community School (FVCS) to develop the idea as a fundraiser.

The Alyeska Snow Classic is a gaming fundraiser for Four Valleys Community School, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Girdwood, Alaska. Winner(s) are determined by the exact guess of what the total snow accumulation is at the Alyeska Snow Classic Measuring Stick on Mount Alyeska in Girdwood, Alaska. The measurement of snow accumulation is taken by a neutral party on the publicized date. The measurement is to the nearest 100th of a foot. The winner(s) are to be notified after the measurement is taken. Their names are to be announced on the annually publicized date and time.

Signing of the bill.
Signing of the bill.

About the Four Valleys Community School (FVCS)

Four Valleys Community School (FVCS) is a local, non-profit 501c3 tax-exempt organization, whose core purpose is community enrichment, achieved by providing educational, recreational, and cultural activities for all ages. It serves the community members of Girdwood, Bird, Indian and Portage.

The non-profit was formed when state and school district funding was being cut. FVCS is based on the historical community education model and philosophy – which advocates processes and programs that utilize the total community environment and local resources. It promotes life long learning and emphasizes that educational, social, cultural and recreational opportunities be afforded to all residents of all ages. The community school serves as a catalytic agent by providing organization and leadership to mobilize local resources for individual and community improvement and enhancement. Based on the widely accepted components of community education, FVCS has adopted specific Goals and Objectives.

In other words, because Girdwood does not have a YMCA, a community center, a Health Club, Sylvan Learning Center and all the various other amenities afforded to those located geographically closer to Anchorage, Four Valleys Community School has largely filled that gap over the years. Four Valleys Community School has been successful in partnering with various local entities to provide space, expertise, and diverse activities for the community. Currently, FVCS operates under a permit with the Anchorage School District to hold classes at Girdwood school. We have had a positive relationship with Alyeska Resort as well, and management has been supportive.

The Alyeska Snow Classic will allow FVCS to:

  • Raise funds to support our mission of providing educational, recreational and cultural enrichment to the four valleys
  • Utilize other resources beyond the community to support FVCS’s services
  • Eliminate dependence on property tax dollars through GBOS grants
  • Meet FVCS’s goal of self-sufficiency