Announcement for 2022: All ticket sales will be offered online for 2022.  Please follow this link to purchase tickets: 2022 Alyeska Snow Classic Tickets


Tickets are sold by participating local businesses for $5.00 per ticket.

Each ticket allows the participant one guess at what the total snow accumulation is at the Alyeska Snow Classic Measuring Stick on Mt. Alyeska at an elevation of 1096 ft. on a specific date and time.

Completed tickets are deposited into a sealed container at the participating businesses.

Ticket sales begin on March 1, 2022 through March 31, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. Once the ticket sales are closed, ticket sale monies, unsold tickets and sealed containers with completed tickets are picked up from each business by FVCS monitors. Prior to the measurement, all tickets distributed for sale are accounted for by the FVCS monitors. The FVCS monitors are trained adults responsible for recruiting participating businesses, working with the business’ employees on record keeping and procedure, delivering needed materials, re-supplying materials and picking up the guesses with accounting, ticket sale monies and secure container with guesses. All monitors and the measurer will be neutral persons who are unable to participate and win.

All tickets are numbered and accounted for. Each ticket has the following information printed on it:
1. Name of the event: Alyeska Snow Classic
2. Date of measurement: To be established annually
3. Date of the payoff to winner(s)
4. Elevation of the measurement device
5. Detailed spaces to submit guess